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Discovery the Abrolhos Islands

This 5-day tour lets you explore and experience one of the unique parts of Australia, the Abrolhos Islands

Eco Abrolhos 5 Day Tour

A new world just a short journey away! The Abrolhos Islands are some of Australia’s most spectacular and historic islands. They abound with natural wonders, spectacular marine and bird life. The islands are also home to the historic Batavia wreck and what is generally acknowledged as being the earliest European structure in Australia.

Located approximately 70 kilometres from the coastal town of Geraldton, they can be reached via boat or scenic flight. The Abrolhos Islands consist of some 122 islands that are clustered into three main groups; the Wallabi, Pelsaert or Southern Group and Easter Groups.

The 5 Day Abrolhos Islands Tour on board the Eco Abrolhos is the best choice to explore and experience this unique part of Australia!

Abrolhos Island Tour Highlights

Experience Marine Life

The Abrolhos Islands lie in the flowing Leeuwin current which provides the perfect environment for spectacular coral outcrops and marine life. Watch the Australian sea lions frolic in the waters alongside bottle nose dolphins and huge Samson fish.

Sea Bird Sanctuary

The birdlife is amazing with over 90 specific and rare species identified and often cited as the world’s most important sea bird breeding colony. September & October is the peak breeding season and the best time to witness hatchlings.

Whale of a time

Migratory whales, such as the humpback whale, are frequent visitors and can often be seen breaching, and at play in the warm waters and are a site to behold. Whales typically migrate for breeding in the months from May through December.

Dive into history

Discover the fascinating and gruesome history of the Batavia shipwreck - the mutiny, the savagery, the maritime skill, and the rescue. We visit up to 4 different locations!

Discover island culture

Learn about the rich history based around Crayfishing & fishing, visit the fishing camps and meet the locals. Try your hand at catching the iconic Baldchin Groper!

Seafood Bounty

The onboard chef prepares the freshly caught local crayfish & reef fish for you to enjoy. Eco Abrolhos serves buffet style meals & dietary requirements can be catered for.
Dates & Pricing

Your 5 Day Abrolhos Islands Cruise begins on Day 0 as we welcome you aboard for a complimentary night prior to departure the next morning. This allows you time to settle in your cabin, meet the crew and other passengers, complete the safety briefings and enjoy pizza night as you watch the sun set over the Eco Wharf.

The next morning you have a choice of either waking with the crew & watching the sun rise over Geraldton as the Eco Abrolhos departs or enjoy a sleep in as we steam towards the Abrolhos Islands. Scheduled arrival at the Southern Group is around 10am. The next 24 hours is spent exploring a selection of the Southern Group locations

DAYS 2+3
The Eco Abrolhos departs the Southern Group around noon and cruises north to the Easter Group, where we meet up with the morning’s fisherman. There is a selection of 6 locations where we will spend our next 36 hours.

Batavia Day – After a quick steam to the Wallabi Group, get ready for some history lessons. There is a choice of 4 historical sites to visit.

The morning is spent exploring around the Wallabi Group typically Turtle Bay on East Wallabi Island. The Eco Abrolhos departs around noon for the steam back to Geraldton with arrival just before sunset.

Top Deck King Bed Deluxe Stateroom

Middle Deck Queen Bed 

King Bed Deluxe Stateroom Middle Deck

Lower Deck Single Bunk 

Dates & Availability 

November 4, 2021 |  Fly Out/Fly Back | 1 x Bridge deck King bed deluxe Cabins #14 + 1 x QB Internal (#23) + 1 x King Single bunk (#27) + 2 x Lower deck single bunk cabins (Solo or twin share)

November 10, 2021 |  Fly Out/Fly Back | All Cabins available

November 16, 2021 |  Fly Out/Fly Back | Discovery Tour| All cabins available

February 16, 2022
 | Boat Only | WA Wine & Seafood Tour |  4 Cabins remaining | Main Deck King Single Bunk Cabin #27 OR Lower Deck Single Bunk Cabins - Twin or Solo #31/33/34

February 23, 2022 | Boat Only | Discovery Tour | 4 Cabins remaining | King single Bunk 27 (Twin) + 30/31/34 Lower deck single bunk (Twin or Solo)

March 16, 2022 | Boat Out/Fly Back | 6 Cabins remaining | 21/27 King single Bunk (Twin) + 31/32/33/34 Lower deck single bunk (Twin or Solo)

March 23, 2022 | Fly Out/Boat Back | 1 x Main Deck King Single Bunk Cabins #27 + 4 x Lower Deck Single Bunk Cabins (Twin or Solo)

September 28, 2022 | WA Wine & Seafood Tour | 2 Main Deck King Single Bunk Cabins #27/#24(Internal) + 3 x Lower Deck Single Bunk Cabins (Twin or Solo)

October 5, 2022 | Boat Out/Fly Back | 4 Cabins Remaining - Internal Queen #23 + 3 x Lower Deck Single Bunk (Solo or Twin)

October 12,19 & 26, 2022 | Fly Out/Boat Back | All cabins available

Discovery Tours - Discovery Tours include a special guest speaker/guide on board for the duration of the trip.


Tour TypeLower Deck Single BunksLower Deck Single Bunk (solo)King Single Bunk CabinsDouble or Queen Bed StateroomKing Bed Deluxe Stateroom
Boat Only - 5 Day Tour$2,730 pp twin share$3,100 pp twin share$2,940 pp twin share$3,210 pp twin share$3,649 pp twin share
Boat & Fly - 5 Day Tour$2,925 pp twin share$3,295 pp twin share$3,135 pp twin share$3,405 pp twin share$3,844 pp twin share
Discovery Tour - 5 Day Tour - Boat out & back$2,840 pp twin share$3,210 pp twin share$3,050 pp twin share$3,320 pp twin share$3,759 pp twin share
Discovery Tour - 5 Day Tour - Fly/Boat Combo$3,035 pp twin share$3,405 pp twin share$3,245 pp twin share$3,515 pp twin share$3,954 pp twin share
WA Wine & Seafood 5 Day Tour$2,930 pp twin share$3,300 pp twin share$3,140 pp twin share$3,410 pp twin share$3,849 pp twin share
Fly out & Fly Back - 5 Day Tour$2,980 pp twin share$2,980 pp twin share$3,185 pp twin share$3,415 pp twin share$3,835 pp twin share
Fly out & Fly Back - 5 Day Discovery Tour$3,080 pp twin share$3,080 pp twin share$3,285 pp twin share$3,515 pp twin share$3,935 pp twin share

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