Step aboard Vista and you’ll discover a dramatic new way of seeing the world

Vista invites you to savour the journey on a ship whose captivating beauty and stylish design evoke the wonders you’ll discover ashore. Sail to fascinating destinations in faraway lands while enjoying The Finest Cuisine at Sea and personalised service that distinguish every ship in our fleet.
Grand Staircase

An Iconic Entrance

Each Oceania Cruises journey begins when you enter the soaring atrium where you are met with a truly grand welcome – the iconic Grand Staircase that is a focal point of each of our ships. Vista’s signature Grand Staircase is a sparkling wonder of sleek curves and elegant details that manifest a sense of harmony and balance.

The design was inspired by organic elements of the land and sea and evokes a sense of movement, ever forward to the next vista. The ascending stairs embrace a glistening floor-to-ceiling pillar of crystal and light that sets the tone for the illuminating voyage ahead.

A Destination in itself

The lounge known as Martinis is far more than a place to sip a signature cocktail – although its namesake libation alone is reason enough to spend some time here. Martinis is a glamorous destination that welcomes guests to a warm, inviting setting amidst walls of shimmering glass under a canopy of crystal. 

The classic elegance of Vista’s Martinis offers a fresh perspective of timeless allure and is a brilliant reflection of art and culture. With an air of both sophistication and ease, this space provides the perfect backdrop for extraordinary evenings. Simply gather with friends in your favourite alcove and let the memories be made.

A View Of the World

The most distinctive feature of aptly named Horizons is the lounge’s dramatic floor-to-ceiling windows, offering 180 degrees of stunning vistas that are the ship’s namesake. This space celebrates the journey by providing a unique perspective on the alluring destinations that await ashore and the seas that carry
you to what lies ahead.

To ensure that you can fully appreciate these sweeping panoramas, Horizons is appointed with comfortable furnishings in soothing tones that create a sense of home, even as the view assures you that you are far from it.
Aquarmar Spa + Vitality Center

A Luxurious Sanctuary

Vista will not only chart a new course to alluring ports of call but also reveal new paths to wellness through the Aquamar Spa + Vitality Center. Our first purposebuilt, holistic wellness centre is the foundation of a commitment to well-being that informs the entire Oceania Cruises experience. Rejuvenating treatment areas,
a state-of-the-art fitness centre and a spacious new salon are all dedicated to your personal wellness journey.

The crown jewel of this lavish facility is the Aquamar Spa Terrace, an open-air deck of plush loungers, plunge pools and whirlpool spas, all with soothing views of the sea. Relax on the terrace prior to a spa treatment to prepare your mind and body, or linger there afterward to bask in the serenity.
Pool Deck

Tranquil Oasis

Vista’s Pool Deck mirrors the beauty of the surrounding sea. Taking its cue from natural environments that inspire tranquillity, the design of the Pool Deck brings together organic textures and calming tones to create an idyllic onboard escape.

Relax in the luxury of a shaded cabana overlooking the serene scene, or lounge on a daybed right at the water’s edge until you’re ready for a refreshing swim.
The Grand Dining Room

Dining In Grand Style

The grande dame of the Oceania Cruises culinary world, The Grand Dining Room invites guests to a leisurely dining experience amidst an ambience that soars to heights as lofty as the cuisine. This signature restaurant has always featured a bevy of delicious Continental dishes and now offers even more exciting choices and a wide spectrum of global flavours. Menus change daily, and the
all-new Executive Chef ’s Tasting Menu promises multiple courses of the chef ’s most exquisite creations.