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Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia


Karijini Eco Retreat is situated in Western Australia’s second largest national park, the spectacular Karijini National Park, formed more than two billion years ago. Explore a wonderland of ancient natural landscapes – red cliffs, gorges, waterfalls and emerald green waterholes – and enjoy the relaxing surrounds of the retreat’s Deluxe Eco Tents, Dorm Cabins and Campsites.

from $1,695 per person, twin share


About Karijini Eco Retreat

Stay in one of the Deluxe Eco Tents for a comfortable and natural “glamping” experience for you to enjoy after your day of exploring all the many stunning sites within the Karijini National Park.

from $1,695 per person, twin share


Photo Credit: Tourism Western Australia

Top things to do in Karijini National Park

Explore Weano Gorge and Handrail Pool

Located at the end of Weano Gorge is Handrail pool, and getting there is half the fun – wade through a waist-high section of water, scramble over rocks and boulders, then make your way down a narrow section of the gorge to emerge at the top of a waterfall. Then, holding on tightly, use the handrail fixed to the gorge wall to access this picture-perfect pool.

Swim in Fern Pool

On the eastern side of Karijini National Park is Fern Pool, located at the end of Dales Gorge. The spring-fed pool and waterfall is a significant place for the local aboriginal people. It’s one of the most accessible places to swim and also one of the prettiest; to get there, follow the stairs from the car park to Fortescue Falls, then it’s another 300 metres past the falls on a well-defined trail to the deep, turquoise pool.

Explore Dales Gorge

Also located in Dales Gorge is Fortescue Falls, the park’s only permanent waterfall. From here you can make your way to Circular Pool which is located further along Dales Gorge. You can either follow the trail along the gorge rim or continue on exploring along the base until you get to the end where the small blue pool is a perfect spot for a quick swim.

Watch sunrise and sunset from one of the many lookouts in the park

There’s no better place to be in Karijini at sunset than one of the many lookouts overlooking the gorges to watch the last of the light on the red, iron-rich, escarpment. Head to Junction Point and Oxer lookouts which are located near the junction point of the four gorges (Weano, Red, Hancock, and Joffre) and offer views of the 100 metre high cliff walls and the pools in the gorges below.

‘Spider walk’ at Hancock Gorge

The reward for climbing over rocks then using all four limbs to inch your way along a narrow section of Hancock gorge (referred to as the ‘spider walk’) is Kermit’s Pool, aptly named due to its green colour. The class 5 walk into Hancock Gorge is often described as ‘journeying into the centre of the earth’ and it isn’t hard to see why – the rock formations in this ancient gorge are 2.5 billion years old!

Explore Kalamina Gorge

Kalamina Gorge is one of the quieter gorges in the national park, and you’ll often be lucky enough to have this place to yourself. Make your way down the set of stone steps and, once at the bottom of the relatively shallow gorge system, turning right will take you towards a permanent pool of water and small waterfall at the base of the gorge. For those more adventurous, they can continue following the stream down to the end of the gorge.

Photo by Tourism WA

Take a dip in Hamersley Gorge

One of the most recognisable places, and the most photographed, in Karijini National Park has to be Spa Pool in Hamersley Gorge, on the north-western side of the park. While the rest of Hamersley Gorge is just as impressive and a great place to swim, the highlight of the gorge is this perfect, small rock pool. The natural spa pool has recently had a ladder and handrails installed to make it easier and safer to access

Explore Joffre Gorge

The trail to Joffre Gorge leads from the car park and nearby observation platform (which has great views over the gorge) and takes you across the top of the falls. It’s then a steep, but short, climb down the rocky edge to the base of the gorge where, following the stream along to the right, the natural amphitheatre-like gorge ends with a curved waterfall.

Hike Mt Bruce

Mount Bruce (Punurrunha) is located on the western side of Karijini and if you’re headed from Tom Price you’ll spot it easily on your way into the park. At 1,234 meters, it’s the second highest peak in Western Australia. The 10 km, class 5 hike can be challenging and takes about 4-6 hours return depending on your fitness level.


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