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Rock & Reef - Christmas & Cocos Island

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Rock & Reef - Christmas & Cocos Island

Visit Christmas & Cocos Islands with this 14-night package.



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If you fancy a holiday that encompasses both adventure and relaxation then these islands are for you. Whether it is enjoying the white sandy beaches of the reef-fringed atoll on the beautiful Cocos (Keeling) Islands or spending time discovering the pristine jungle, picturesque coastline or engaging with the wild life on Christmas Island, these islands will not disappoint!

Cocos (Keeling) Islands offer much in the way of water-based activities. With their stunning lagoon, surrounded by a horseshoe shaped ring of islands, a ferry trip will get you from West Island to Direction Island twice a week, Home Island daily, except Sundays, and an adventure on a motorised canoe will allow you to island-hop amongst the small islands in the Southern part of the lagoon. Home Island offers a unique insight into Cocos Malay living and culture, through the museum or a wander around the grounds of Oceania House, the old Clunies-Ross mansion.

Cocos (Keeling) Islands offers a slow-paced holiday, with places to explore which you will likely have completely to yourself, or mix with the locals to experience life in one of the remotest outcrops in Australia.

Christmas Island is the remnant tip of an old extinct volcano – having more in common with a lost Galapagos than your typical palm-fringed tropical island. Rugged coastline, lush jungle where only a sprinkle of light penetrates the thick canopy, endemic plants – and our ubiquitous crab life, definitely give you the feeling of being in your own National Geographic documentary. Our mixed community of Chinese, Malay & Europeans is a slice of South-East Asia without having to leave Australia. Noodle shops, roti cafés and pub grub has your culinary experience covered. Our culture is alive and easily incorporated into an authentic experience by timing your visit with a God’s Birthday party at a temple, or at the end of Ramadan when the Kampong is lit up with twinkling lights.

The dual island package ensures you get the best out of Australia’s Indian Ocean Islands.

Our Recommendation: On Christmas Island, book an extra half day tour or a snorkelling trip. On Cocos – add a turtle tour to round out your lagoon experience or the underwater scooter tour.

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A hire car is essential on Christmas Island as there is no public transport available.
Only Telstra mobiles will work on Christmas Island. On Cocos mainland mobiles will not operate as it is a private network.
Call into the Visitors Centre to find out about any special events during your stay and gain some local knowledge on the Islands.
Car and scooter (Cocos only) hire are a good way to explore the Islands it is best to pre book to avoid disappointment.
Please note that during the Red Crab migration on Christmas Island that the advertised tour itineraries may be disrupted due to road closures.
Personal EPIRB’s are available from the Christmas Island Police Station if visitors want an extra level of safety whilst visiting our remote locations.
If bringing food from the mainland it must be packed according to regulations and a purchase receipt for the food must be carried with you.
Non Australian citizens must travel to the Islands using a passport.
Australian residents are covered under the Medicare system.
Travel insurance is highly recommended.
All prices are quoted in Australian Dollars and are subject to change.